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Use code PETA20 to save $20

Ready for VegReady?

Healthy & Delicious

All our meals are designed to be healthy AND delicious. That way you never need to compromise on taste to reach your health goals!


& Delicious.

That way you never need to compromise on taste to eat healthy and compassionate meals!

No Cooking,

No Refrigeration!

Store and eat at room temperature, or heat if preferred! Perfect for your vegan journey or as a gift to help someone along on theirs!

Plant-Loaded Meals 


By having VegReady meals on hand, leaving animals off your plate has never been easier. On-the-go, at your desk, at home, or even traveling by air, always be prepared!

No Cooking, No Hassle

Our meals are specially designed to be stored and consumed at room temperature. On-the-go, at your desk, or at home, just open, eat, complete!

Plant-Loaded Meals AnyWhere

With 8 of our meals on hand, and without the need for refrigeration or reheating, sticking to your vegan pledge will be as easy (and delicious!) as possible!

How It Works

Order Online

Order one or more cases of 8 meals and choose from a monthly or one-time purchase.

Meals are Delivered by Mail

As our meals don't require refrigeration, you don't need to worry about delivery timing!

Open and Eat

Meals are ready-to-eat, without refrigeration or reheating. Just open, eat, complete!

What You Receive

By clicking below you can order cases of 8 meals that arrive in our custom built and ultra-portable MealBoxes. Each MealBox contains 3 dishes, including one main dish, one vegetable medley and a side of spinach & broccoli. 

You can make a one-time purchase or subscribe for automatic monthly deliveries. If you subscribe, you receive the MealBoxes in month 1. In month 2 and beyond, you will receive a case containing the same 8 meals, but without the MealBoxes, to save on packaging. When you subscribe you get a $10 monthly discount! Better for the planet, and better for you!

Pick Your Plan

Case of 8 meals

One-Time: $60 + shipping

Monthly: $49.80 + shipping 

Pick Your Plan

Case of 8 meals

One-Time: $60 + shipping fee 

Monthly: $49.80 + shipping fee 

One-Time: $60 + shipping

Monthly: $49.80 + shipping 

What's inside each case of 8 meals?

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