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About VegReady

Personalized plant based meals

Have it your way … better health, better planet!

Our platform lets you custom order meals to taste. In the future when you send in your DNA report you can match meals to your individual genes. VegReady let’s you do all of that and more.

As food and medicine converge personalized food is the future.  Our first goal is to help millions of omnivores eat 2 more plant meals per week. (Think Meatless Mondays). We do this by offering the most convenient, delicious and affordable healthy meals anywhere. Prices start at only $7.50 per meal because we ship direct. Try us and see for yourself.

Our Meals

Start with a variety case of 8 meals each with 3 dishes (5 flavors)

  • A case of meals are shipped to you monthly
  • Soon build your own meals
  • Later send in your DNA report to find out which meals match your genes

Coming soon optional functional toppings:

anti-inflamatory, pro-biotic, neurotropic, mental focus, immune, energy, appetite control, protein boost, etc.

Our first 5 flavors:

  • mango, jalapêno, tomato
  • artichoke & hearts of palm
  • green asparagus & peppers
  • hearts of palm & peppers
  • zucchini, peppers & onion

Each meal contains a protein dish           and two sides.

Extended shelf-life makes life easy

  • Our Meals are pasteurized -- so no refrigeration needed
  • And no chemical preservatives
  • Store at room temperature to always have a meal ready to eat

VegReady makes life better. Soon our reusable lunchbox will let you reduce waste and shrink your footprint.

3-dishes In each box

  • 100% non-GMO and Gluten-Free
  • Delivered monthly to home or office
  • Store anywhere & no effort to carry
  • Feel better about your health, the animals, the planet

We're committed to plant-based           whole foods for everyone.


Multi-cultural cuisines with ancient herbs ... ... and exotic spices for pleasure and health:


50 meals being developed

Greece + Israel

50 meals planned

Thailand & Vietnam

50 meals planned

India & Pakistan

50 meals planned