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As our meals don't require refrigeration, you don't need to worry about delivery timing! 

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Your meals are ready-to-eat, without refrigeration or reheating. Just open, eat, complete! 

No Cooking. No Refrigeration.

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Vegan PreCooked Meal

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What our customers are saying!

“Beautiful project, delicious, nutritious and vegan!”

Irvine P.

The flavors are very savory, and this food is an important healthy addition to my diet. I also appreciate how convenient the meals are to store and serve. I've been a strict vegan for 7 years now, and this meal service is definitely helping me to meet some of my goals in terms of eating in a way that's nutritious, delicious, and simple. I find that the trays make a good centerpiece for a lunch (perhaps supplemented by, say, an apple and some nuts) or good side dishes for dinner

Allan B.

I just had the meal with broccoli and spinach and ratatouille! Absolutely delicious!

Shaunda B.

Featured in the media

Some of our endorsements

Milo Runkle, Founder of Mercy For Animals

"I thought it was fantastic. Super delicious, really clean flavors. We need to make vegan eating as convenient as possible for people and this has the potential to do just that."

Dr. Michael Klaper - Celebrity Vegan Doctor

"What a great idea - healthy plant-based meals in a box! Now, there is a prescription I will love to write! This is the real medicine that Hippocrates told us to eat so long ago - and this ancient food-based "therapy" is the key to disease-prevention and healing for our busy 21st century lives!"

Keegan Kuhn - Director of Documentary Cowspiracy

"VegReady has the possibility of completely changing our relationship to eating and becoming more sustainable, compassionate, and healthier than ever before. They are going to revolutionize eating healthy. The meals are delicious!"

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VegReady meal boxes are the most convenient step on the journey towards a healthier life!

Dr. Baxter Montgomery Cardiac Surgeon

So many people are concerned about their time to prepare vegan meals and it seems overwhelming. It's so nice to have this option to offer people to make (eating vegan) user-friendly.

Julieanna Hever The Plant-Based Dietitian

The effortlessness of VegReady attracted me at first; the quality kept me interested, and the taste sealed the deal. Expect to eat better, get healthier, and have more time for life between meals."

Victoria Moran ​​​​​​​Main Street Vegan Academy

These kits are as easy as it gets. As the brand itself says, “Just open, eat, complete!”

Paste Magazine