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The expiration date on our current line of meals (Amazonian Rainforest and Coastal Verde) is October-November 2020. See the best by date printed on the meals.
Simply order online and we ship a case of 24 dishes (8 complete meals) to your door. For a complete meal, you can mix two of the sauce & side dishes with one of the main dishes. You can also enjoy these meals in your own kitchen, by using them in combination with other food favorites - like pasta or salads - for an easy, tasty, and delicious meal!
Click 'Order Now' on either of our meal packs, and before making a purchase you will be able to see selection of images that include the nutritional labels for each of our meals.
At this time, no. Any purchase you make will be a one-time purchase and you will not be automatically charged anything after that. We will resume our monthly subscriptions in the near future.

Mark Perlmutter, CEO

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What a great idea!

Healthy plant-based meals in a box! Now, there is a prescription I will love to write! This is the real medicine that Hippocrates told us to eat so long ago - and this ancient food-based "therapy" is the key to disease-prevention and healing for our busy 21st century lives!

Dr. Michael Klaper, Celebrity Vegan Doctor

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