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Food With A Mission

Cardiac Surgeon

"VegReady meals are the most convenient step on the journey towards a healthier life!"

Dr. Baxter Montgomery

Main Street Vegan

"The effortlessness of VegReady attracted me at first; the quality kept me interested, and the taste sealed the deal. Expect to eat better, get healthier, and have more time for life between meals."

Victoria Moran

Director of Cowspiracy

"VegReady has the possibility of completely changing our relationship to eating and becoming more sustainable, compassionate, and healthier than ever before. They are going to revolutionize eating healthy. The meals are delicious!"

Keegan Kuhn

Mark Perlmutter


Vegan since 1981, Mark spent two decades working in the finance industry before creating a documentary showing that plant-based foods are powerful enough to reverse chronic diseases. He founded VegReady as the perfect tool to help those who want a simple way to get started on their plant-based journey!

Mike Doherty

Systems and Marketing Manager

Mike is a software engineer, runs his own advertising agency and is a podcaster. He went vegan for a mix of health and ethical reasons, and is passionate about creating a more compassionate and animal friendly world.

Chelsa Thompson

Vendor Coordinator

Chelsa is from the farm-to-fork capital, Sacramento, CA. She began working in the private investigations field in 2015. Chelsa is living in San Francisco, teaches power vinyasa yoga, and wants to share veganism with everyone. She want to change what it means to be vegan!

Jordan Provost

Social Media Coordinator

Jordan is a a Corporate Accountant and passionate vegan. She started her vegan journey in March of 2018 after watching Vegucated and What the Health. She has always been a fierce defender of animals, and wanted that passion to be reflected in her  dietary choices.