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I love VegReady

“I love VegReady and recommend it to my patients because I know that having a convenient plant-based meal that is ready to eat at the moment you are hungry but haven’t planned a meal, can make the difference between sticking to the prescribed diet, or going off it.”

Dr. Andrew Freeman, Cardiologist at National Jewish Hospital

Cardiac Surgeon

"VegReady meals are the most convenient step on the journey towards a healthier life!"

Dr. Baxter Montgomery

Director of Cowspiracy

"VegReady has the possibility of completely changing our relationship to eating and becoming more sustainable, compassionate, and healthier than ever before. They are going to revolutionize eating healthy. The meals are delicious!"

Keegan Kuhn

Main Street Vegan

"The effortlessness of VegReady attracted me at first; the quality kept me interested, and the taste sealed the deal. Expect to eat better, get healthier, and have more time for life between meals."

Victoria Moran

Mark Perlmutter


Vegan since 1981, Mark spent two decades working in the finance industry before creating a documentary showing that plant-based foods are powerful enough to reverse chronic diseases. He founded VegReady as the perfect tool to help those who want a simple way to get started on their plant-based journey!

Chelsa Thompson

Vendor Coordinator

Chelsa is from the farm-to-fork capital, Sacramento, CA. She began working in the private investigations field in 2015. Chelsa is living in San Francisco, teaches power vinyasa yoga, and wants to share veganism with everyone. She wants to change what it means to be vegan!

Jordan Provost

Social Media Coordinator

Jordan is a Corporate Accountant and passionate vegan. She started her vegan journey in March of 2018 after watching Vegucated and What the Health. She has always been a fierce defender of animals and wanted that passion to be reflected in her dietary choices.


John Perkins

Financial Committee and Legal Advisor

As an entrepreneur John managed or advised three capital raises of $12 million to $22 million for early stage companies (like VegReady) who sold shares to customers and fans. Prior to his business experience, he was Commissioner of Securities for the state of Missouri. John is a long time business advisor to the CEO, and will guide the company’s next round of funding when it sells shares to customers and fans.

Terry Mollner

Financial Committee and Social Impact Advisor

Terry co-founded and was Director of the first multi-billion dollar mutual fund focused on impact investing: Calvert Social Funds. Among his high impact activities, he arranged the sale of Ben & Jerrys to Unilever, the world's third largest food company. At Unilever’s request he remained on the Board for 18 years. He is a long time business mentor to the CEO, and will help with partnerships and exit opportunities when the timing is right.

Saurabh Dalal


Saurabh serves on the Board of numerous vegan and animal rights groups. He is known and knows many leaders in the plant-based movement. His passion is promoting the vegan lifestyle in ways that are effective for mainstream to hear it. While his training is in engineering and physics, his work is managing the emergency responder system for New York City. He is a personal friend of the CEO and will be a liaison to community groups for the company.

Alicia Robb

Special Advisor & Lead Investor

Alicia is the Founder and CEO of Next Wave Impact and the manager of two angel networks: Next Wave Network and Vegan Investors.  She was previously a Senior Fellow with the Kauffman Foundation for more than a decade. Alicia received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She previously worked as an economist with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Office of Economic Research in the SBA. She is a prolific author on the topics of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance.

Asher Brown


Founder of Pollution.tv, a mission-driven production company and film studio based in Los Angeles. Pollution has produced high performing video, social media and influencer content for some of the world's leading brands (including Google, Verizon, Walmart, Disney, and Mattel) and nonprofits (including Stand Up 2 Cancer, Farm Sanctuary, The Humane Society and Moms Demand Action), and our Magic Beans team specializes in kid/baby/family content . Our home base is Pollution Studios, a 30,000ft2 video studio built to support brands, agencies and content creators in making content to change the world.

Dr. Andrew Freeman

Medical Algorithm Advisor

Nicknamed “The Vegan Cardiologist,” he uses a holistic approach combining advanced cardiology with lifestyle medicine including a whole foods plant-based diet. As a leader at the American College of Cardiology he runs the regional program of Walk with a Doc. He worked as a senior database engineer during medical school and will use his dual backgrounds to help develop VegReady's proprietary interfce for personalizing meals plans to match an individual’s health condition.

Dr. Michael Klaper

Medical Advisor

One of the first MD’s to write a book promoting Vegan diet, long practicing Vegan doctor now retired and teaching the next generation of physicians the benefits of a plant-based diet; medical pr, tireless educator. He will advise VegReady on its platform for health professionals to instantly generate personalized meal plans personalized for their patients.

Eilene Cohhn


Eilene is a Board member of PETA andproducer of celebrity events involving renowned artists such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sarah McLaughlin, Chrissie Hynde, the B52s, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Kevin Nealon, Gary Shandling, Alicia Silverstone, Jane Goodall and more. She has helped raise millions and garner international press coverage to reduce animal suffering.

Joey Shepp


Internet entrepreneur, professional speaker, and sustainability consultant. He is founder of Daliy Nutra a Vegan Supplement brand and principal consultant of Earthsite, the leading digital media consultancy for sustainable brands. 

Saurabh Dalal

Technical Advisor

Leading the Vegetarian Society of DC since 1996 in producing community events such as Vegan Thanksgivings, and curating a monthly speaker series are some of Saurabh’s volunteerism. By day he manages the Emergency response system for New York City. Born in India and raised in Maryland, has been a lifelong vegetarian. As an adult, he is vegan and he and three partners are starting a Vegan Venture Fund in New York.

Sunny Gurnani


Founded Plant Based Dairy company that leverages technology to develop non-dairy products such as the world’s first vegan buttermilk and cashew probiotic lassi. Partner in a Vegan soy dairy in India; owner Vegan food truck, and former lead Software Engineer at companies in Silicon Valley including six years at ebay.