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Get Two Free VegReady Meals

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How It Works

Our Vegan Kindness Program has three simple steps:
  • We send you 2 free meals

  • Eat 1 & give 1 to friends or family

  • Together we spread veganism

we believe kindness is at the core of sharing veganism

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A gift that makes a difference

VegReady was created by 4 passionate vegan activists who wanted to develop the perfect tool to help other vegans become effective activists with their friends and families. All vegans have experienced the difficulty involved in convincing someone to modify their diet. You can have all the good arguments in the world, but with many people, it's just not enough. "It's too difficult", "it's too expensive", or better yet "what do vegans even eat?". 

By gifting a VegReady meal to someone, you show how delicious, easy, and affordable a vegan diet can be, all while displaying compassion for their standpoint. Try our 'Get Two, Give One offer', and let us know the feedback you get from the friend or loved one you gift it to.

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