When Food turns into Activism 🌎✊ (+our experience at a Cube of Truth)

"Sometimes free food is all it takes" - Michael Norval, Vegan activist

Our customers often start with a couple meals a week and move on to a fully plant-based diet. Just ‘getting started’ and figuring out how and where to eat is often the hardest part of a vegan or plant-based transition, and our meals make that process as easy as possible!

If you’ve been with us long enough, you might know that our team is driven by action above all else. We love sharing information, but our primary goal is to empower people to effectively transition to a plant-based diet, or help others do so, by giving them - and allowing them to gift or give coupons for - the easiest plant-based meal.

We encourage people to send our meals to their pre-vegan loved ones as a way to help them get started, as we believe a gentle and loving nudge can be all it takes for someone to begin their plant-based journey

In fact, we see this is a crucial tool for vegan activists to help others, as it’s the action item so many pre-vegans need when they express interest in beginning a vegan journey but perceive the difficulty of finding plant-based meals or changing their habits as too great an obstacle.

Our team is comprised  of 4 dedicated vegan activists  and entrepreneurs whose sole purpose is to  create a service that can help the vegan movement. With that in mind, our team never misses the chance to attend 'Cubes of Truth'* and share with  curious pre-vegans the ethical foundations of veganism.

I attended the latest Cube of Truth in Lima, Perú, held at the famous Kennedy Park. I always travel with a VegReady MealBox to impress my vegan friends and share with them our success in helping pre-vegans get started on their journey. This is a picture of me and my friend Sol, who coordinated the event

The thing I love the most about these experiences is that I get to hear people’s perspectives and in doing so continue to learn effective ways in which to communicate with both trust and understanding. That way, pre-vegans view my arguments as logical and sensible, rather than extreme. The key to effectively communicating the ultimate message of veganism, is finding common ground and showing generosity, understanding, and love. Gifting someone a meal, or offering them a coupon is giving them that crucial sense of understanding as well as an action item they can follow up on after their eyes and hearts have been opened by the images and truths they’ve just seen.

We hope to one day be a key tool for vegans to help their pre-vegan friends try vegan. So with more people in the know, food can turn into activism ☮️

*For those who don't know, a 'Cube of Truth' (CoT) is a gathering that most activists from Anonymous For The Voiceless organize to help people question their life choices with respect to animal rights. In essence, activists form a cube holding screens that play footage depicting factory farming and the animal agriculture industryand answer questions from people that approaches said cube.

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