We 'GoT' The Wrong Guy 😆😅 (STORY)

"Best moment of 2019 so far: when Andres thought he 'GoT' a pic of Peter Dinklage with a meal"

- James Okoshken, Marketing Director at VegReady


So there was I, minding my own business in the peaceful surroundings of Kennedy Park in Lima Perú, when I stumbled upon a big crowd of people and a couple of photographers.

My vegan spidey sense was tingling...and it delivered, kind of.

From a distance I was able to spot a 4 ft. 5' individual dressed as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones (GoT). I should've known better.

I don't know how it happened (it was Sunday and maybe my weekly dose of B12, taken each Monday, was running low) but I was truly convinced it was the real Tyrion Lannister - or at least the actor who plays him on GoT!

I'd say there was a crowd of at least 50 people surrounding the Peter Dinklage doppelganger. I  decided to dive in and in doing so made an utter fool of myself... I later found out everyone but I knew it was only a look-a-like -- and neglected to tell me 😯

As soon as I was 2 feet  from the photographers, within earshot, I asked them, with a shaky voice and sweaty palms, 'please let him endorse my product, I know he's vegan too!'. Having successfully grabbed their attention, I started to tell them about our MealBoxes (I always keep one in my backpack) and eventually… he agreed to take ONE picture (without speaking a word to me... I should've known).

The picture I walked away with was worth my making a fool of myself , and, to be honest, he really ‘GoT’ me, so I applaud him on his stellar performance as a Tyrion Lannister cosplayer (his ig handle is @omarmilla_z).

The most interesting part: while he might not be vegan, he agreed to take a picture with our plant-based meals because he believed that'd be something the real Peter Dinklage would do.

With all that being said, and with my gullibility exposed for the world to see, , if you happen to know anyone from the real Peter Dinklage’s PR team, please send him this story. I think he’d appreciate the humor of it all, , and who knows, perhaps he’ll pity me, love our business, idea, and team up with VegReady to share our vegan message? All said and done, this may just be the perfect story to get our beloved cast member join us for some VegReady activism!

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