Your Gut Has a Relationship With Your Brain -- Here's Why (2/2)

We realized there's more to be said, thanks to Whole Foods Market Scientific Advisor Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

What’s the deal with the gut and the brain? Just to paint the landscape for you:

  • Surprisingly, our gut has an average of 100 million neurons (no wonder it's called 'the second brain')
  • 80% of auto-immune activity comes from the gut and is linked directly to the brain through the vagus nerve.
  • 90% of serotonin (pleasure hormone) comes from the gut

So there is evidence to suggest that our brain can be protected by a healthy biofilm, aka the bacteria lining our gut wall.

But to build a solid biofilm, the Scientific Advisor at Whole Foods Market, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, suggests we avoid food with a high glycemic content - this includes white sugar & flour, since they cause a sugar spike in the blood, which damages the brain and can lead to mental illness.

That pizza (even that vegan pizza) you're gonna have this week isn't looking so appetizing after all, is it? The bad gut bacteria will be happy after eating it, but you won't.

Glucose and insulin spikes come from of sugar-loaded foods, including sugar-loaded processed foods and also natural foods such as bananas, honey and agave syrup.

But there's an amazing, easy solution.

He calls this a ‘Nutritarian Diet. The best part is that because these foods thicken our biofilm, it becomes strong enough to resist sugar spikes in the blood, which otherwise damage the brain and cause inflammation!

To sum up, THIS IS BACTERIA FOOD - you are what they eat, give them a treat!

Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating 4 foods everyday that feed our bacteria, increasing our good biofilm which reduces the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. These are: onions, green veggies, beans & mushrooms.


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