Founders & Advisors

Mark Perlmutter

CEO and founder

Mark Perlmutter is passionate about helping people eat better. He also wants to use business to disrupt and fix the broken food supply. To this end he created a company that made a film showing that plant-based diets will reverse type 2 diabetes: “Simply Raw”. Using e-commerce his company sold millions of dollars resulting in a profit for him and his investors. Two million citizens saw the film and learned how beneficial plant-based foods can be. But so many said it was too hard to get balanced vegan meals and gave up. Recognizing the market opportunity to solve this problem, he created VegReady to make it easier for the self-described 45 million flexitarians to eat a couple more healthy meals a week.

Mark is an accomplished entrepreneur who has been licensed in securities and real estate. He’s an established subject matter expert in healthy diet, e-commerce, public investments, and real estate. Calling upon his contacts from years in the finance industry as well as his knowledge of the new economy he assembled a core team of seasoned millennials plus social impact Wall Street types. VegReady’s team has the mindset and skills to grow a new economy company that will bring healthy affordable food to the masses, disrupting the old school $26 Billion convenience food sector.

Katrina Padron

Advisor on social media

In the last five years, Katrina bootstrapped her social media marketing agency from $0 to a top choice communications firm, landed herself on national stages, shared thought leadership concepts on Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner, and wrote a sought-after book “Ideas Worth Stealing: 42 Social Media Strategies to Build a Brand, Create an Audience and Increase Sales.” Katrina loves to build brands, communicate messages and grow business success stories.

Prior to creating her own agency, she created several impactful, revenue driven campaigns for her employer, a large corporation. Being an early adopter to social media marketing she envisioned a modern communications agency that transforms brands. Padron Marketing has grown to a team of ten with globally recognized clients.

She uses her powers for good and for change. Recently she began sharing her personal stories to make an impact in global healthcare issues, women in leadership and Latina Millennials in the workplace.

Sunny Gurnani

Advisor on technology

Sunny has been a full stack developer at eBay in California for five years. Prior to that, he started one of the first vegan soy dairies in India which his brother runs for him today. He and his wife own and manage a vegan food truck in the San Francisco Bay area.

He became vegetarian in 2004 when he was volunteering with a program at a Jain temple rescuing animals from slaughterhouses. Later when dining at Vegetarian house restaurant near his home in San Jose he saw a pamphlet about cruelty to cows in the dairy industry. That’s when he became vegan. Since then he has coded an entire site for vegans to learn from and connect with other vegans. It has been described as a mashup of Facebook and Instagram:

John Perkins

Director and member of legal and compensation committees

John Perkins is a former state securities commissioner and served on the Board of Directors of the North American Securities Administrators Associations as its President. In private practice he advised or managed three Direct Public Offerings for growth companies like VegReady, between $12 million and $22 million each. He is a Director of VegReady and is a member of the compensation and legal committees. When the company is ready to raise funds, he will become Co-Chairman in charge of our DPO capital raise under Title IV Regulation A+.

Terry Mollner

Advisor on social impact and liaison to global food companies

Terry is a cofounder and Director of the Calvert Funds – managing more than $13 Billion; the first socially responsible mutual fund. He is also Director of Ben & Jerry’s, where he oversaw the sale to Unilever requiring the preservation of company values in perpetuity. Prior to the sale, Ben and Jerry’s was a financial innovator using a DPO to sell selling shares to its customers prior to its IPO. Terry is president of the Trusteeship Institute and holds the FINRA Series 65 Investment Advisor registration. As VegReady expands he will help develop partnerships with global food companies. He is a member of the Social Impact and Compensation committees.