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VegReady’s Meal Boxes are the most convenient first step on the journey toward a healthier life.

Baxter Montgomery, MD

Cardiac Surgeon, Texas Medical Center

VegReady is a recipe to a long healthy life.

Howard Lyman

Author of The Mad Cowboy, Activist, Ex-Rancher

VegReady makes it easier to add more plant foods to your diet.

Jeffery Cohan

Executive Director, Jewish Vegetarians of North America

The effortlessness of VegReady attracted me first; the quality kept me interested, and the taste sealed the deal. Expect to eat better, get healthier, and have more time for life between meals.

Victoria Moran

Author of Main Street Vegan, Director of Main Street Vegan Academy

What a great idea - healthy plant-based meals in a box! Now, there is a prescription I will love to write! This is the real medicine that Hippocrates told us to eat so long ago - and this ancient food-based “therapy” is the key to disease-prevention and healing for our busy 21st century lives!

Michael Klaper, M.D

Author, teacher, lecturer, with 40+ years in general practice and acute care., True North Health Center.

Meatless Mondays is a wonderful way people can help farm animals and incorporate healthier foods into our diet. VegReady meals can make it easy for people to take this important step.

Josh Balk

Co-Founder of Hampton Creek, Director at the Humane Society

Wow! VegReady has the possibility of completely changing our relationship to eating in a more sustainable, more compassionate, more health promoting and more convenient way than ever before! They are going to revolutionize eating healthfully and the meals are delicious!

Keegan Kuhn

Co-director, Cowspiracy, award-winning film

I love the idea of VegReady’s meal boxes which give busy people a way to always have a satisfying plant-based meal on hand.

Mark Reinfeld

Master Vegan Chef, Author, Educator, Caterer for North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest

VegReady meals: ready to eat, stores without refrigeration and vegan…what is there for a planet loving person not to like?

Terry Mollner

Director, Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder